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Our classes and CrossFit memberships are designed for every skill level. Just looking for something to keep you active? Want to lose weight? Training for major competitions? Talk to us about your fitness goals and our coaches will help you find the CrossFit membership or personal training program right for you.

No matter what level you’re at, we have a plan that suits you.
1) Free Trial – For Those Who Have Never Done CrossFit
2) Foundations Program – To Tighten Up That Technique
3) Unlimited Membership – Enjoy All CF956 classes!
4) Personal Training – Really Dial In Your Potential

Unlimited Membership

What's Included:

Yoga Classes

Yoga is a fantastic to everyone as it helps aid in recovery, improve general mobility, helps fix muscle imbalances, and helps to reduce everyday stresses. It is taught by a certified yoga instructor and it’s included in your monthly membership.

Olympic Weightlifting

This class specializes in the two Olympic lifts, the snatch and clean & jerk and targets the in-depth technique required to execute them efficiently. This class is taught by coach Zach Carlin and runs between 90 minutes and 2 hours. Each class starts with drills specific to the lift covered that day followed by the lifts themselves.

Group Classes

At CrossFit 956, we have a team atmosphere that makes training more fun and helps push each member to reach his or her full potential. Classes are led by one of our coaches and follow the posted workout of the day. Each class includes lots of instruction and hands on attention to ensure everyone is moving well and getting the most out of every class. Movements and exercises can all be scaled to fit each member’s abilities. We don’t want anyone to feel intimidated or uncomfortable when they come to class. Each class is 1 hour in length, starting with a coach lead warm up, technique work, strength exercises, a workout of the day (WOD) cool down, stretching and foam rolling.


This class focuses heavily on the technique required to execute the advanced gymnastics movements proficiently followed by higher intensity workouts including more advanced movements than our regular group classes. This class if open to all members and can benefit anyone looking to improve. We do recommend a minimum of 3 months CrossFit experience to attend to get the full benefit of the technique focused class.

Community WOD

These group workouts are run on weekends and offer a different spin in the group classes during the week. The Community WODs are programmed in partners or a team and are a great way to meet members of your community and work together while getting a great workout at the same time.

Unlimited Access

$229 / Month

Initial 3 Month Commitment The Month To Month There After
One Year Pre-pay $2470

*We greatly appreciate our local Emergency Services and Military personal and are proud to offer a 10% discount on your membership.
*We also understand how money can be tight for students and seniors so we’ve extended our 10% discount for them as well.
*We strongly encourage couples and family’s to train together so couples and family members living at the same residence also receive our 10% discount on their memberships.

Drop-In Rates

Pay As You Go Options

Single Class


No Expiry

4 Class Pass


14 Day Expiry

10 Class Pass


90 Day Expiry

Other Training

Not Into CrossFit? No Problem

Personal Training

Private training is individualized sessions designed to address your specific needs. This is a great option for anyone who has specific concerns or wants to tailor their training to reach a particular goal.

Nutrition Coaching

There are no shortcuts, quick fixes, magic diets, or special products here. Instead, you will receive a custom nutrition program specific to your needs and goals that ensures you are fuelled to perform in the gym and life.