Personal Training

Personal Trainer Calgary

Personal Training

Finding the personal trainer in Calgary can be difficult. We're here to learn about your goals and needs then create a roadmap for you to achieve them! Everyone has a different body which requires a different fitness protocol.

Personal training provides a more intimate 1-on-1 training experience compared to group class. It's an excellent option if you're training for something in particular, want to learn even faster, or need that extra bit of motivation. Our Personal trainers are here for you and will work around your schedule to reach your fitness goals.

Individualized Programs

If you have specific goal in mind or prefer training independently, inquire about our individualized fitness programs. You'll work exclusively with one of our personal trainers to create an exercise program that tailors to your goals and schedule. Pair your program with our Nutrition Coaching to help you reach your goals even faster. You're not alone - we're here for advice and encouragement when you need it most. We'll continue to check in and work to tweak your program along the way.

Physical Therapy

Our personal trainers work hard to get your mechanics in line and strengthen your weaknesses but, injuries still can happen! You don't need to be completely sidelined from an injury, we just need to adapt accordingly. There are a variety of preventative and rehabilitation exercises that can help with new and existing injuries.

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